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Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as Seo help for small business, is an integral aspect of digital marketing that revolves around optimizing websites and online content to attain higher visibility and rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Whats Is Seo? Seo help for small business

In today's digital landscape, where search engines like Google have become the primary means through which people discover information, products, and services, SEO plays a pivotal role in driving organic, non-paid traffic to websites.


What is Good PageRank & How Does It Work?

In the vast digital landscape, where billions of web pages compete for attention, understanding the dynamics of search engine ranking becomes imperative. Enter PageRank, what is page rank algorithm developed by Google’s co-founder.


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Dewang Sharma

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Hi i am Dewang Sharma. I am seo specialist. I am Also provide seo service for website like e-commerce, blogging and many more.

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How Many Types of SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a practice aimed at improving a website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages. There are several types of SEO strategies that professionals use to achieve this goal and Learn Seo With Online seo help free :

  • On-Page SEO: This type of SEO involves optimizing elements on your own website to improve its search engine ranking. It includes optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, headings, content quality, keyword usage, and internal linking. On-page SEO focuses on making your website’s content more relevant and valuable to both users and search engines online seo help free.

  • Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO is concerned with activities that take place outside your website but still impact its search engine ranking. The most common off-page SEO technique is building high-quality backlinks from other reputable websites. Backlinks act as endorsements, signaling to search engines that your website is trustworthy and relevant.

  • Technical SEO: Technical SEO focuses on the technical aspects of your website to improve its crawling, indexing, and overall performance. It involves optimizing site speed, ensuring mobile-friendliness, creating an XML sitemap, optimizing robots.txt, managing duplicate content, and using structured data markup to help search engines understand your content better.

  • Local SEO: Local SEO is crucial for businesses targeting a local audience. It involves optimizing your online presence to rank better in local search results. This includes creating and optimizing a Google My Business profile, getting reviews and ratings, ensuring accurate business information across directories, and focusing on location-specific keywords.